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48TB iodyne - Pro Data



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iodyne Pro Data 24TB (Dark Space Grey)


Introducing the All-New Pro Data

Your creativity and data are your most important assets. iodyne Pro Data delivers revolutionary performance, storage capacity, and data security for your next project. Storage designed for outstanding performance and utility, and purpose-built for people who demand the most resilient protection for their digital assets.

Multi-Path Performance
For the first time, combine multiple Thunderbolt connections to boost bandwidth to a single computer.

Multi-User Versatility
Share storage space and handoff tasks across your team and multiple computers for ultimate workflow flexibility.

Whoa × 5 GB/s
Pro Data builds on Thunderbolt’s breathtaking speed and daisy-chain expandability, and takes its amazing capabilities to new heights. With eight full-speed ports, there’s no need to sacrifice peripherals: just connect your displays and other downstream devices to Pro Data, and boost your productivity without losing a single port.

Thunderbolt connectivity ensures Pro Data works with every computer and every app you have today, or might buy in the future. Pro Data is the fastest Thunderbolt storage for M1 Macs, and the fastest Thunderbolt RAID array. Use it to redesign your next setup, or supercharge your existing one.

Twelve lightning-fast NVMe SSDs transparently combine with our unique RAID and Encryption technology to deliver unparalleled data protection, while delivering peak performance across sustained workloads. Control all these features using our simple, elegant, and native macOS app.

Create Transactional RAID-6 containers for your critical work and backups, or RAID-0 Scratch containers to streamline access to your app’s temporary files.

Storage Handoff
Up to four computers can connect simultaneously to the same Pro Data and use Storage Handoff to distribute workflow tasks.

RETHINKING Pro Versatility
Through iodyne’s intuitive and powerful design, all twelve NVMe SSDs are combined in a single storage pool sharing data and parity space. Create containers to keep projects and tasks organized and protected with configurable RAID levels.


Your Pro Data includes:

• 180W Power Supply
• Vertical Stand (Dark Space Gray)
• Up to 2 complimentary 0.7m Thunderbolt cables

Use the +/- below to add complimentary Thunderbolt cables to your order...
NOTE: Use 2 cables to activate Thunderbolt NVMe Multipathing for maximum performance.


  • Brand:
  • iodyne Pro Data
  • SKU:
  • 530101-48T-DSG
  • Capacity:
  • 48 TB
  • Interface:
  • 8× 40Gb Thunderbolt3 ports: 4 upstream to one or more computers and 4 downstream to other devices and accessories
  • Transfer Rate:
  • Up to 5 GB/s Bandwidth
  • RAID:
  • Transactional RAID-6 and RAID-0