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PTZOptics SuperJoy NDI|HX/IP & Serial PTZ Camera Joystick Controller


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PTZOptics SuperJoy NDI|HX/IP & Serial PTZ Camera Joystick Controller



The PTZOptics SuperJoy Joystick Controller supports network and serial camera control. Experience the full capabilities by pairing it with PTZOptics or HuddleCamHD cameras.

• Durable metal housing
• PTZOptics VISCA over IP and serial control
• Limited NDI and Sony control
• PTZOptics camera on screen display control
• Full pan/tilt/zoom camera control
• PTZ, focus, and preset speed adjustment on the fly
• 4 camera control groups, 7 cameras per camera group
• 255 camera presets, 9 quick presets
• 4 customizable buttons (TCP, UDP, & HTTP)
• Fine tune zoom and focus control dials
• Buttons glow/flash when available
• RTSP decoder via HDMI
• PTZOptics focus lock and unlock
• Large LCD screen with controller status
• Import/export settings via network and USB
• 2-year warranty

• PT-SUPERJOY-G1 Joystick Controller
• 12V 2A DC international power supply
• RS-232C|DB9 to 8-pin mini-din cable
• Quick Start Guide

Create a Powerful, Precise and Versatile Production Experience
Introducing the PTZOptics SuperJoy, a PTZ camera joystick controller designed for smooth, efficient production workflows. The SuperJoy takes remote pan, tilt, and zoom camera operations to the next level in a simplified user interface with advanced controls for power users.

Streamlined, Real-Time Production
The SuperJoy offers an intuitive, tactile interface, simplifying and streamlining even the most complex production setups.

• SuperJoy’s HDMI video output provides a 1080p video preview for any camera connected to the SuperJoy that has an RTSP video feed available for use. This HDMI video output is ideal for viewing cameras over a local area network. In this way, a SuperJoy controller can be set up anywhere on a network to gain PTZ camera controls with a low-latency, live video preview.

• Ergonomic, rubberized controls and pressure-sensitive dials for precise, on-the-fly-tuning, with no OSD adjustments required

• Status-responsive backlit buttons and knobs indicate available camera modes, while optional tablet/computer control can allow for remote monitoring

Custom Control Across a Variety of Cameras and Devices
The PTZOptics SuperJoy Joystick Controller is a comprehensive solution supporting mix-and-match serial and network-based control for PTZ cameras of any generation.

• Simultaneous pan, tilt and zoom control across IP, NDI® and serial cameras from multiple brands including PTZOptics, HuddleCamHD, Sony, BirdDog, and NewTek

• If it’s IP-controlled, chances are the SuperJoy can control it – cameras, lights, projector screens and more – using four customizable buttons

• Powerful Super-Preset buttons are programmable to trigger synchronized multi-preset commands across up to five unique camera groups with up to eight cameras each

From Power Users to Novices, a Controller for Everyone
With three user-centered control modes designed to accommodate varying skill levels, the SuperJoy offers unparalleled flexibility for production teams of all backgrounds and experiences.

• Use Basic and Basic Plus mode to limit functions to presets and single-camera control

• Matrix mode enables operators to call presets across up to three cameras

• Expert users can program custom buttons for production automation


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