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Evaluated Tape

At IVB we have been evaluating video tape since 1984. We were one of the first companies selling evaluated 2" Quad Tape at half the price of new. As new formats have evolved and appeared on the market, we have adapted with the times. We currently process over fifteen different types of tape and media.

What makes IVB products better than the competition is our attention to detail and our 25+ years of experience. We know that just because tape evaluates out good on a tape evaluator that it isn't necessarily a good tape. There are many more factors in determining a reusable pieces of stock, such as; age, cosmetic appearance and its previous recording history.

When you purchase evaluated tape from IVB, no matter what format you are guaranteed that it will look and perform like a new tape. That's right, you will not get a tape that is years old with multiple passes that is resold just because the evaluator gave it a good report. Of course every tape comes with a unconditional guarantee. All of this with a saving of at least 50% of the price of new stock.

If you would like to know why more people are switching to IVB Evaluated Tape, give us a call or email us. We would be glad to send you a sample to see for yourself.

Evaluated / Certified Tape Formats Available
Digital Betacam
Betacam SP
Mini DV
¾” – U-Matic